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Ohana Friends and Family (Habano Oscuro) Pre-Release

Cigar: Ohana Friends and Family Prerelease by Familia Rodriguez Tobacos LLCimage
Size: 5 7/8 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
Filler/Binder: Nicaraguan
Retail Price: $9-$12

Reviewer: Danny Smith


This cigar was sent for review by Ryan Rodriguez, founder of Familia Rodriguez Tobacos, LLC. The cigar is a pre-release and made with tobaccos aged 7+ years. There’s also a sungrown criollo wrapper which is also being reviewed right here on 2 Cigar Guys! The band on the sample is not what you’ll see in stores…Ryan did these bands up for reviews and for the box of cigars that he donated to the Underground Cigar Shop’s latest charity auction.
The cigar is a medium brown, much lighter than I would usually expect from an oscuro wrapper. The caps are nice and the cigar appears to be nicely rolled and has a firm feel between the fingers. The cigar cut cleanly and the prelight draw seems a bit tight but we’ll see how it plays out after its lit.image

1st Third

The cigar is lit up and and the taste is of mild tobacco with a faint sweetness appearing. The mildness of the cigar is no doubt due to the age of the tobacco leaves used for this smoke. The draw is very nice, not tight like I thought it could be after the prelight draw. I’m getting a nice amount of smoke and the burn line is excellent.

2nd Third

Moving into the second third, the flavor is still of mild well aged tobacco with a touch of sweetness. At times a coffee/espresso flavor tried to come through but could never really make it’s presence known. The burn, draw, and smoke production continue to be spot on.

Final Third

Not much change into the final third with the flavors remaining much the same as already mentioned. Construction continues to be excellent. The ash holds on for chunks of an inch and a half or so before needing to be tapped off. imageDown around the band there was a slight wave in the burn line that did correct itself. I always like when I can make it through an entire cigar without having to put flame to it again.

Final Thoughts

This cigar is not going to blow you away flavor wise. This is cigar is mild in strength and flavor…but the flavors that are there are quite nice. I really can’t complain at all about the construction of this stick at all…I was impressed with that end of the cigar. Ryan has stated to me that in the future he plans on experimenting with other tobaccos to bring stronger flavor and strength to market. The goal with this one was a mild smoke and he certainly got that right on. The experienced cigar smoker may struggle with this one but I can see it being a viable option for beginners or those looking for a mild morning smoke. Thanks to Ryan Rodriguez for providing this cigar for review and I’ll look forward to seeing what Familia Rodriguez Tobacos comes out with in the future!


Appearance/Structure: 13/15
Smoking Characteristics: 24/2  Flavor: 20/25imageimage
Overall Impression: 31/35
Rating: 88

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