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Acid Kuba Maduro Review

The task of going through your humidor and trying to figure out what your going to smoke can be like a kid in the candy store trying to find his favorite candy.I happened to be looking into my infused humidor and spotted an Acid Kuba Maduro robusto by Drew Estate.  I have yet to try an Acid Kuba Maduro, so I figure it’s time to dip into this infused explosion of possible flavor.  Well lets just get right into the cigar.  The smell of the cigar prelit is like a floral aroma mixed with candy.  The cigar was easy to lite and has a very easy to loose draw to it.  The beginning few draws tasted like I was eating Sweet’ N Low mixed with potpourri.  The construction of the cigar seemed to hold up very well and burned even throughout my smoke.  The taste on the other hand was way to sweet.  I was able to pick up a little spice on my palate throughout the smoke, but mostly tasted like I licked a package of Sweet’ N Low.  If you are looking for a traditional maduro smoke this cigar is definitely not for you. If you are in to infused cigars with a lot of  sugar and spice then you will enjoy this stick of sugar.  I have to say on a personal note I am not really impressed with Acid Kuba Maduro and probably will not smoke one again.  I decided to give the Acid Kuba Maduro a rating of 4 out of 10 on the 2 Cigar Guys And a Humidor Scale., which means I will probably not try this stick again.

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