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Aristocrat By Prendelo Cigars / Q&A With Reggie Freeman



Prendelo Aristocrat

Size: 5 x 50

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Price: $7.50

Reviewer: Danny Smith

Q&A With The Chief!

Q: What was your inspiration for the new cigars?ppp

A) My inspiration for the new Nicaraguan blend was simple….go hard or go home. The Dominican blends were exceptional and I still enjoy them to this day although my supply is dwindling and they are no longer being rolled; however, Nica tobacco is phenomenal and it is a pleasure to work with it. Anyone who has smoked a Prendelo has come to expect a medium to full bodied experience from our line. We typically don’t blend mild to medium cigars, for strength and flavor is our niche. Instead of being decent at developing blends within every flavor profile, we’d rather focus on creating medium to full bodied cigars and be great at it.

Q: Tell us about the blend used in the new Rosa Blanca and Aristocrat.

A) We are very excited about the new blend that is represented by the 6×52 Rosa Blanca and the 5×50 Aristrocrat. The wrapper is adorned by a beautiful Ecuadorean Habano Grade A, followed by a Jalapa binder with an exciting line up in the filler which includes Ometepe, ASP (hybrid Corojo & Criollo plant), Jalapa, and Condega. The cigar was blended to have strength yet, equally balanced with flavor. The result is a complex cigar with desirable transitions that has hints of strength and is packed with unique flavor. I am very proud of the fact that this our foundation blend and vitolas.

Q: How do you like working with Noel at the crew at his factory?

A) It is an absolute honor and privilege to work with Noël and Tabacalera NOA. He is a Master Tobacconist and his passion is infectious. I have learned unequivocally a lot about the imageindustry and more about cigars under Noël’s mentorship, than I ever have from anyone else. His goal is to perfect his craft and as someone with an identical goal, the journey is just beginning. Regardless of how long you have been in the industry, it is imperative to constantly have a mindset of learning and adaptation.

Q: Do you have anything new in the works?

A) Definitely have a few new blends and vitolas in the works. I’m working on a 6×54 Box Press, a 6×52 Torpedo and a 7×46 Churchdale. These blends will be in line with what Prendelo aficionados have come to love. A well balance of strength, complexity, and flavor.

Q: What do you hope smokers experience when smoking your cigars?

A) Our motto at Prendelo is, “It’s not just a cigar, it’s an experience.” What I mean by this is that your experience with Prendelo starts with the presentation in the box. The band is designed to garner attention yet exude class and distinction. The pigtail and closed foot is there to remind you that you are not smoking an average cigar. The smallest detail has been taken into consideration and finally, the cigar smokes just as good as it looks. The slight pepper at the beginning of the cigar quickly dissipates and transitions into exquisite earth and creaminess. Lastly, the aroma is mesmerizing….smoking this cigar is like driving a convertible Chevy Camaro SS on Pacific Coast Highway 1. No one experience is like another. That’s what makes the Rosa Blanca and Aristrocrat special.


Hope you enjoyed our little Q&A with the Chief, Reggie Freeman, the man behind Prendelo cigars.  As this Q&A suggests, today we are taking a look at the new blend from Prendelo, the Aristocrat. This follow up to the Prendelo Sublime features Nicaraguan tobacco wrapped in an Ecuadorian habano wrapper. The blend is also available in a 6 x 52 size called the Rosa Blanca, with both cigars being made at the New Order of the Ages factory being run by Noel Rojas.image

First Take

The cigar is a beautiful color and appears to be rolled nicely. The cigar features a pigtail cap and a closed foot, both nice touches. The band is quite ornate, in gold foil, and is pretty next to the chocolatey tobacco. The cigar has a nice heft with no soft spots. The smell of the cigar is of aged tobacco. Reggie says it’s not just a cigar, it’s an experience…and that starts with what you see and smell well before your first draw. With the intro out of the way, let’s light it up!


First Third

Pepper hits the palate right out of the gate but quickly blends in with the rest of the flavors that appear early on. This initial pepper blast could be due to tasting most of this wrapper initially because of the closed foot. Other flavors in the mix are a touch of sweetness, and a bit of leather. The draw and smoke production are near perfect during the initial third and the experience is off to a solid start.

Second Third

Into the middle portion of the cigar the flavors from the first third have remained, minus the pepper, but the sweetness has faded a touch and the flavor is dominated by leather. I imagenotice a bit of pepper in the middle third that is hard to put my finger on until I retrohale. I would say it’s more of a red pepper and a really welcomed addition to the flavor profile. It doesn’t last long, just appears for a couple of puffs to get my attention. The burn line on this cigar continues to perform admirably and the draw remains flawless. Smoke production eased a bit in the middle of the cigar but it’s still plenty. Strength is medium to medium full at this point.

Final Third

As we move into the final third, the leather from early on is still there and the predominant flavor I’m experiencing coupled with an earthiness and a bit of cream. The pepper is no longer a part of the mix. The cigar has scored high marks for construction up to this point and the final third is no different. I would put the strength of the smoke on the fuller side of medium, but not a powerhouse by any stretch. The sweet aroma given off by this cigar is also quite enjoyable, something I always try to point out when I can. Scent is a powerful sense and having such a pleasant aroma certainly adds to the smoking experience.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the original Prendelo blend and this cigar is a great follow up to keep Prendelo cigars rolling. I do enjoy the extra touches of the closed foot and pigtail cap that seems to be imagefinding their way on to more and more cigars coming out of NOA but be warned, make sure to take your time toasting your cigar to keep away any potential burn issues. All in all Reggie did a great job of blending a cigar that has enough strength to get your attention and flavor to keep it. I look forward to seeing what “The Chief” comes up with next.


Appearance/Structure: 14/15

Smoking Characteristics: 24/25

Flavor: 21/25

Overall Impression: 32/35

Score: 91


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  1. Good interview with the Chief on his new cigars. Danny did a good job brother.

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