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Familia Rodriguez Tobacos expands Ohana line with the new Ohana Pulse


Press Release 

Ryan Rodriguez and the folks at Familia Rodriguez are expanding their popular Ohana line with a new blend to be released in August of this year.  Check out the official press release from Familia Rodriguez below.

Familia Rodriguez Tobacos is proud to announce the newest cigar in the Ohana line, “Pulse”.  We are also working with a new factory headed by Noel Rojas, Tobacalera NOA.  Ohana is about family and friends and Pulse carries on with this belief.  With every heartbeat, every pulse, our family and friends are the lifeblood of our existence.  We are deeply humbled and honored by the support we have received in these first two years and now we honor you with Pulse.  Pulse uses an Ecuadorian Habana wrapper with the binder/filler made up of Condeja, Jalapa and Ometepe.  This cigar is completely different from our other cigars and we believe you will find it to be unlike anything currently on the market, which is a bold statement considering all the great cigars out there, and wonderful blends.  We also decided to go with a format that Noel has been doing a lot lately and we love, which is an old way of using a closed foot and pigtail.  The “Pulse” will be available in 2 sizes and the first production is only 5,000 cigars.  We intend on making this a continuous blend, but prefer to do small productions in order to achieve a higher level of quality, as we have done with all our current blends.


Pulse will be officially released in August 2016.  Another addition that is being made as we speak, is Ohana Pulse Maduro, which is the same blend, but with a Mexican San Andres Maduro, actually from Mexico.  The Pulse Maduro will be in 3 sizes, robusto, toro, and a toro grande, or gordo 6×60.  These cigars will also be box pressed and feature a closed foot.

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