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Asylum Lobotomy

Cigar: Asylum Lobotomyimage

Size: 6 x 50 Toro

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Price: Box of 10 $40.99 (Courtesy of Famous Smoke Shop)

Cigars for Review: 3

Reviewer: Ryan Bloomer


First Takeimage

If your going crazy Asylum Cigars along with Famous Smoke Shop can give you a Lobotomy that will get your head in check fast.  I’m not talking about a real lobotomy my friends instead I am talking about the Asylum Cigars Lobotomy which is an Famous Smoke Shop exclusive. When I think about smoking Asylum Cigars I should be at an old mental asylum to get the full effect, but instead I am going to have to settle for the comfort of my backyard patio on this beautiful sunny Ohio day.  The Lobotomy is a Nicaraguan puro with maduro habano wrapper.  The band is black and white and has a skull on the front of it.  The Asylum Lobotomy comes in four different vitolas 770 (7X70), Corona (4X44), Double Toro (6X60),and Toro (6×50).  The fine people at Famous Smoke Shop sent over a 6×50 toro for today’s review.  Lets get loco and take this Lobotomy straight to the head.  I really am just going to toast the cigar, and put my feet up on the chair and relax.  I may have gotten a little crazy with the lobotomy concept.

First Third

First few puffs on the Lobotomy start off with some light spice, dark roasted coffee notes, and cocoa.  The spice wears off quickly and the dark roasted coffee notes and cocoa dominate my palate. The draw seems effortless and the burn is fast.  The roasted coffee notes continue to pick up and provide for most of the flavor in the first third.

Middle Thirdimage

Entering the middle third of the Lobotomy, and the dark roasted coffee notes along with the cocoa start to give off to a little bit of white spice.  I am also picking up a little bit of nutmeg.  The white spice is trying to come out but is just doesn’t have enough  power to overcome the dark roasted coffee and cocoa notes.  The cigar is very consistent and lacks complexity going into the final third. The burn has been a little wavy at times and has required a touch up to keep things in order.

Final Third

Entering the final third of the Lobotomy I don’t expect much to change with the flavor profile.  The cigar through the first two thirds has stayed pretty consistent.  I still am picking up the dark roasted coffee notes, cocoa, and a dash of nutmeg.  The white spice has disappeared and given way to a tar like taste as I come down to the nub of the cigar.

Final Thoughts

The Lobotomy is a medium body cigar that packs notes of dark roasted coffee, cocoa, nutmeg, and a touch of white spice that fades in and out.  The flavor profile is by no means complex but definitely smooth and enjoyable.  I would definitely classify this cigar as a medium body.  If you are looking for a strong pepper and spice type of cigar this is not the cigar for you.  If your palate is imageentertained by coffee, cocoa, and a subtle amount of nutmeg then this might be a great everyday cigar for you.  The reason I say everyday cigar is because at a price point of a little over $4.00 dollars a cigar you cant go wrong adding it into the rotation as a morning or mid-afternoon smoke.  I would like to thank my friends at Famous Smoke Shop for sending the cigars for review.  Click the link to order the Asylum Lobotomy from Famous Smoke Shop.



Appearance/Structure: 13/15

Smoking Characteristics: 22/25

Flavor: 21/25

Overall Impression: 31/35

Rating: 87







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