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Undercrown Shade by Drew Estate

Cigar: Drew Estate Undercrown Shade

Size: 6 x 52image

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

Filler: Dominican Criollo 98, Nicaraguan Corojo & Criollo

Binder: Sumatra

Cigars Smoked for Review: 1

Retail Price: Around $8.00


First Takeimage

Today’s cigar was sent to us by the good folks at Drew Estate, a company with a huge fan base in the cigar world. I was a fan of the original Undercrown cigar and have looked forward to smoking the lighter version since hearing of its’ release. From an appearance standpoint, this is a very good looking cigar. The band features the same look as the original only in white and gold. A second band also adorns this cigar in matching white and gold featuring the word Shade. The tobacco itself is a light caramely brown and appears to be well rolled. The seams are visible along with a few veins but overall, a very nice looking stick. Let’s light it up!


First Third

A touch of pepper hits the palate within the first few puffs, accompanied by a creaminess that is really smooth. A sweet note that I couldn’t quite put my finger on is also present at times during this initial third. Draw is perfect on this cigar and the cigar is producing a nice char line. The ash, although a bit flaky, held relatively well during the early portion of this cigar. Smoke production is ample and the cigar is firmly in medium range as far as strength.


Second Third

The sweet flavor I couldn’t figure out has now developed into a definite caramel note along with the cream and pepper from the first. A baking spice note comes and goes during the second third and I must say, I’m really enjoying this cigar up to this point. All things construction related are going smoothly as well, only exception being that flaky ash.


Final Third

Flavor wise, not much changes during the final third with the exception of an additional bread flavor that comes through occasionally. The burn gets a bit awry at times during the final third but never was a real problem. It corrected itself nicely and no touch ups were needed throughout the entirety of the smoke. The draw and smoke production were consistent all the way through as well.


Final Thoughts

I’m not normally a fan of this wrapper but this is a cigar that I can see myself smoking from time to time to change things up. All construction related areas were impressive and the cigar packs a nice amount of flavor in a not too strong cigar. The Shade can be enjoyed by any type of smoker and is one that I think folks like me, who don’t usually reach for this type of wrapper will also enjoy. Well done by the folks at Drew Estate!image


Appearance/Structure: 13/15

Smoking Characteristics: 22/25

Flavor: 23/25

Overall Impression: 31/35

Rating: 89


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