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Hamlet by Rocky Patel

imageHamlet by Rocky Patel

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres

Binder: Brazilian mata fina, Mexican San Andres

Filler: Nicaragua Size: 5 x 54

Price: $8.50


First Take

The Hamlet by Rocky Patel is a cigar that I’ve been looking forward to trying since I heard about it at its’ release. I just happened to walk into the Smoke Pit in Halls, TN and see these beauties a couple of weeks ago and thought, now is the time! This cigar is blended for Rocky Patel by Cuban Master of Tobacco Hamlet Paredes. The cigar was blended in the U.S.A. and is produced in Nicaragua. The cigar looks beautiful but is lacking one thing….the Rocky Patel name somewhere on the stick. The cigar is hefty and has a nice hand feel. It appears to be rolled well. The oily wrapper looks enticing sitting behind the attractive green, red, white, and gold band. The band is simimageple but well done…very clean. The cigar smells of sweet tobacco. Enough of the preliminary stuff, let’s light it up!

First Third

The initial puffs bring a distinct black pepper note along with dark bitter chocolate with an aftertaste that is slightly citrus. The draw is spot on in the first third and thick clouds of smoke billow with each puff. The cigar is a medium strength from the get go and is producing a pleasant amount of complexity. I must say, one of the better Rocky’s I’ve had right out of the gate. The cigar is burning beautifully, even on this windy Kentucky day.


Second Third

By the middle portion of the cigar the black pepper that hit the palate right out of the gate faded quickly and gave way to the chocolate that was present early. It is joined by an earthy woodiness that is pleasant enough. The draw, burn, and smoke production continues to impress. The citrus note that was present in the first third has faded and changed to a chocolate covered fruit sweetness. It’s different, and I like it.image


Final Third

Construction wise, not much has changed and the cigar continues to shine in that regard. However, I’m disappointed by the lack of complexity in the final third. The cigar was progressing nicely, but seemed one dimensional in the final third. Chocolate and earth were about all that continued to linger on to the finish. Smoke production also faded a bit during the final third.


Final Thoughts

Two thirds of this cigar really shined. Complex, well made, and just enjoyable. However, I was hoping the evolution of flavor would continue and it didn’t. The final third was pretty uneventful and although still enjoyable, was a bit of an anticlimax. With that being said, it is a solid offering at a reasonable price and a cigar that I will probably give another go down the road!


Appearance/Structure: 13/15

Smoking Characteristics: 22/25

Flavor: 22/25

Overall Impression: 29/35

Score: 86



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