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Lost & Found “Butter”

Cigar: Lost & Found Butterimage

Size: 5 ¾ x 46 Corona
Country of Origin: DR
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Arapiraca
Binder: Piloto Habano
Filler: Criollo 98
Factory: Henderson Ventura, DR; same as Caldwell/La Babra
Tobacco Vintage: 2006
Production: Limited – 6500

Retail Price: $10
Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

Reviewer: Jeff Kay

First Take

Upon returning from my latest 9-month voluntary deployment to Afghanistan a few weeks ago I found out the owner of my favorite cigar bar – Tony Bellato/Havana House and part owner of a cigar company – Lost & Found, was due to imagerelease a new uber-boutique cigar……The Butter.
Therefore, a couple days after they debut and were released on Nov 1st, I purchased a bundle of ten. After smoking the first one, I just knew this was another special cigar from Lost & Found and deserved to be reviewed.
Lost & Found was launched in Feb 2014 as a conceptual project involving Robert Caldwell, Tony Bellato and Jaclyn Sears. They do not manufacture the cigars, instead they are on the hunt to locate something “Lost” and then “Found”.
According to Tony Bellato, who answered some poignant questions regarding this current vitola – The Butter – was created from an abandoned Dominican Republic (DR) 2006 lot of tobacco that Caldwell/Bellato/Sears found during a Lost & Found safari. It reminded them of one of their original best sellers, Pepper Cream Soda, so they bought the entire bundle.
Henderson Ventura blended this cigar and the full run of 6500 vitolas were produced at his Tabacalera William imageVentura factory in the Dominican. The entire production was sold in less than 24 hours to selected retailers around the country; a testament to the strength of L&F’s reputation of producing some great boutique cigars. Robbie Caldwell came up with the idea for Land of Snakes and Ms Jaclyn Sears designed the packaging….very uber-unique indeed.

First Third

The pre-light draw of the Butter left a sweet aroma flavor with a hint of cinnamon on my lips, along with an effortless draw. After making that razor sharp cut on the cap with my trusty Xikar Multi-tool cutter, the initial light up provided a familiar nutmeg, cinnamon spice profile with average amount of smoke. Within 10 minutes there was additional notes of cedar, earth, leather and creamy butter diversified in the nutmeg/cinnamon/spice. Perfect draw and burn at this point. The first retro hale brought a bold and spicy flavor profile combining a buttery cream with a richness of nutmeg and cinnamon.
At the 10-15 minute point, it consistently smokes like a medium bodied cigar. The bold start of the flavor profile has subdued somewhat at this point to a less than spicy profile.
I smoked the first of three cigars for this review at Havana House one afternoon, and the second one on my back porch on a beautiful warm late fall afternoon and had to leave it only smoked halfway through. I picked it up the following day and it lit up and smoked like it had only been out for 5 minutes. The final cigar for this review was again smoked indoors only a few days ago. Flawless construction…….image

Middle Third

There is almost a hint of a honey lemon butter spice here. Not sure if the Arizona Black & White Tea has anything to do with this flavor profile…? Certainly not a full bodied cigar, this is a medium bodied vitola.
Ok, its mid-afternoon and normally a little lunch would be called for prior to smoking a cigar for review. However, I find smoking the “Butta” a treat right now and have no effects from an empty stomach. This cigar should be just fine for an “anytime” cigar…. Great draw, burn and construction; and I taste first hint of nicotine.

Final Third

The average to get to the final third is just under an hour of normal indoor smoking time. Still a solid flavor profile of nutmeg, cinnamon, earth, leather, spice and now the creamy butter flavor starts to take hold as the cigar mellows out and loses the majority of the spice and/or pepper flavor. I remember the L&F, Pepper Cream Soda cigar, as one of my favorite boutiques cigars and a top fifteen overall. The “Butter” reminds me of the PCS, but I actually like the flavor profile of the Butter better and the construction is better. I smoked three Butters within a 10 day period and each one left me wanting to smoke another…a consistently great smoke.
The burn slows down here, providing a wonderful amount of flavorful and creamy smoke that begs for numerous retro hales, so I can play with smoke rings to follow in the slow moving air here in Havana House.
Great cigar, no change to draw or burn, and no burn to your fingers as you smoke it down. More importantly all three cigars I smoked really mellowed out at this point with the butter cream and earth tones making for a very tasty finish.

Final Thoughts

This is a really good cigar that lives up to what the Bellato/Caldwell/Sears Lost & Found project were looking for with uber-boutique cigars. The pleasure of smoking the Butter reminds me of when you go out to dinner for a good 3-course meal and you enjoy the experience as each course is presented and it just keeps getting better with each course. The same can be said of the flavor profile for the Butter, each third provides a unique flavor that eventually finishes very smooth and delicious. Overall, a great cigar. I just wish they had made more of these beauties so more people could experience them. If you have never tried one of the Lost & Found cigars, this is a must to try!


Appearance/Structure: 12/15
Smoking Characteristics: 23/25
Flavor: 23/25
Overall Impression: 32/35
Score: 90


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