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Henry Clay Tattoo

imageCigar: Henry Clay Tattoo

Size: 6 x 52

Wrapper: USA Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaragua

Binder: Dominican Republic

Cigars Smoked for Review: 1

Retail Price: Around $10.00


First Takeimage

Today’s cigar is one that I had been looking forward to trying since I heard the news of its’ release. Henry Clay cigars were amongst my regular rotation when I first started smoking and I was interested to see what Pete would do with the collaboration on this blend. The cigar itself is a milk chocolate brown, box pressed, and features a fairly long pigtail cap. The cigar has two bands, the first of which is a more modernized version of the Henry Clay band which smokers are familiar with. The second band is black with tattoo written in red with gold accents. The Tattoo has a good feel in the hand and doesn’t seem to suffer from any soft spots. The cigar cut beautifully and gives off a pre light draw that is just about right from a resistance standpoint and leaves just a touch of a milk chocolate flavor on the palate.


First Third

The first third is earthy and sweet. The milk chocolate notes from the prelight draw certainly carry over into the first third. The draw is near perfect and the cigar burns really sharp. You can really see the oil on this wrapper near the bimageurn line. Each puff produces ample amounts of smoke and the sinuses tingle with black pepper on the retrohale. The ash is pretty impressive on this cigar and holds on for the entire first third.


Middle Third

The sweetness and earthiness of the first third carry over to the middle portion and are joined by a oak like note that comes in from time to time. The spice from the retrohale also makes an appearance on the palate at times in the middle third. The cigar continues to burn pretty well up to this point. It got a touch wavy at times but never required a touch up.



Final Third

The spice picked up significantly towards the end of the tattoo, to the point where I would consider it the dominant flavor. Milk chocolate can still be tasted in the background along with the oak and a bit of leather as well. The aroma from this cigar certainly reminds me of leather. Construction continues to be really well done as the cigar has performed admirably in burn, draw, smoke production, etc., even on a windy day.


 Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the tattoo from start to finish. The way the spice gradually built up throughout was pleasing and blended wellimage with the other flavor notes found in the cigar. The Tattoo was well made as you would expect from a cigar with Pete’s name on it and will be a cigar that I will smoke again in the near future if I can get my hands on them!



Appearance/Structure: 12/15

Smoking Characteristics: 22/25

Flavor: 22/25

Overall Impression: 33/35

Rating: 89



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  1. Good review Mr. Attorney I will try one.

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