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La Flor Dominicana La Nox

imageCigar: La Flor Dominicana La Nox

Size: 6 x 52

Wrapper: Brazilian

Filler: Dominican Republic, Pelo de Oro

Binder: San Andres

Cigars Smoked for Review: 1

Retail Price: Around $11

First Take

Today’s cigar was a gift from a friend lucky enough to pick one up at this years IPCPR show. The cigar certainly looks different than what we have come to expect from LFD. The band is a great departure from what the company usually does and features a night sky theme coinciding with the dark cigar. The cigar is available only in one size and comes in imageboxes of ten.


First Third

The first third is full of sweet flavors. The sweet is accompanied by an earthy background note. The chocolate like sweetness lingers on the palate for a bit after each puff and the sensation is quite nice. The draw is if anything on the slightly open side, but no cause for concern and the cigar produces an average amount of smoke and a white flaky ash. The burn in the first third was great, despite the fact that I slightly cracked the wrapper just before cutting and lighting. LFD is known to produce some stronger smokes, and I’m surprised at the lack of strength in this one.

Second Third

The sweet flavor continues throughout the middle portion of the cigar with the earthy note being joined by an espresso imagelike flavor. It’s not really strong however, as this continues to be a sweet dominated cigar. I’m still amazed at how mild this cigar is in strength. Definitely not your typical LFD.

Final Third

As I get into the final third the flavor profile doesn’t change much. More of the same sweetness, espresso, and earth. Not that that is a bad thing, as I’ve really enjoyed this cigar. The cigar continues to burn perfectly, never requiring a touch up. The ash, although flaky in the first third, held well throughout the entirety of the smoke. The sweetness dominated throughout and that was no different in the final third.


Final Thoughts

This is the LFD for the masses, a cigar that can be enjoyed by anyone. The strength level was medium at best, and theimage usual spice was nowhere to be found. The cigar was constructed nicely and that showed throughout the smoking experience. The flavors that were present were easily recognizable and enjoyable. There was nothing harsh at all about this smoke. It’s certainly a cigar I can see myself purchasing from time to time. If you’ve been looking to try an LFD offering, this would be a great one to start with!


Appearance/Structure: 12/15

Smoking Characteristics: 23/25

Flavor: 22/25

Overall Impression: 32/35

Rating: 89


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