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Inch E.P. Carrillo Review

Inch (Natural) E.P. Carrillo (5.9 X 60) Price $ 8.75 By: Ryan Bloomer They say when you give someone an INCH they take a mile.  The question of today is if given an INCH is it worth smoking it on the journey to reach a mile?  Which leads me to today’s…

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Olivia Master Blends III Review

Olivia Master Blends III Torpedo (6.0 X 52) The definition of blend in the dictionary states to mix smoothly and inseparably together.  In this weeks review that’s what Olivia seeks to due with its Master Blends III line.  Today I am on a blending mission to see if the Master…

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Acid Kuba Maduro Review

The task of going through your humidor and trying to figure out what your going to smoke can be like a kid in the candy store trying to find his favorite candy.I happened to be looking into my infused humidor and spotted an Acid Kuba Maduro robusto by Drew Estate.…

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